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Serving Kern County since 2013



Athletes’ Advantage Academy is dedicated to radically optimizing human health, physical fitness, and athletic performance through research, education, and services for people of all ages and abilities. Our mission is delivered through youth development programs, sustainable health management solutions, and recreational, club, and team sports.



To become the premier Athletic Development training center on the west coast, as well as to provide the city of Bakersfield with a comprehensive facility that will allow the community of Bakersfield to be the destination spot for local, national, and international educational and sporting events.

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A3 & Me - full inclusion program

The focus of A3 & Me from the beginning is to communicate to our athletes that have Special Needs that their fitness, health, and goals are no more unconventional than any one else..


The A3 Scholarship program is catalyst for everything we do – the idea that started it all. Since day one, we have been committed to providing exceptional, innovative, dynamic, and safe training to athletes of all ability levels and we want to give athletes the opportunities to train even when family income may not allow it.

A3 Sheild - serving those who protect us

The A3 Shield program is our way of serving those who protect us. We feel a strong obligation to do all we can to help promote and facilitate proper health and fitness for all First Responders.