The A3 Academy is our flagship program, and has been the motivation for A3 since its inception five years ago. The A3 Academy provides athletic training scholarships and mentorships for student athletes in need. $1,500 funds one Annual Scholarship, which provides performance training for athletic development, nutritional/wellness education, positive mentorship and community, and guidance to navigate college recruitment and ensure academic success. Students who fundraise for their own tuition to A3 Academy and who meet the program guidelines have first priority to earn scholarships. As we expand this program, we plan to provide monthly workshops to facilitate success and skill building in all avenues of life for young people, including topics on financial literacy, time management, growing food, exposure to various careers and industries, resume writing, motivational speakers, and much more. We also intend to use future fundraised donations to provide transportation for student athletes who do not have transportation to A3’s training facility; this may include GET bus fare or even Uber rides.

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