The A3 Shield program provides health and fitness programs for Veterans, Military service members, & First Responders. This program started out as providing no-cost training to military recruits as they prepared for basic training. From that, it evolved to helping one Veteran who had been struggling with PTSD, anxiety, and depression; he found a safe haven at A3, and we were able to implement some environmental accommodations that helped (such as limiting the trigger of sudden noise while training) as well as provide a path to health and fitness that helped his physical and mental well-being tremendously. His transformation over 18 months was amazing to witness and we were greatly inspired by the impact this program could continue to have.

We continue to welcome Veterans who use sports and fitness to assist their non-clinical transitional assistance into the general population. We are also working on developing an Adaptive Sports Program for disabled and non-disabled Veterans and are partnering with other organizations in Kern County to do so; we know that healing can take place through healthy competition and community.

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