What is group performance training or “a3 fitness”?

Whether or not you are looking to be more competitive athletically, or just want to me more functionally fit for what life throws your way, group performance training is the way to go.

An A3 Workout involves exercises for strength, agility, high-intensity interval training, quickness, plyometrics, vision training, and spatial integration - better balance and movement efficiency. In other words, you’ll be training like the pros!

At what age can an athlete start?

Typically children at age 10 can start regular group training at A3. This all depends upon the maturity and stage of development of your child. For young children, having played youth sports does help with the transition into a formal athletic development program. Our Developing Athletes sessions are for ages 5 to 11!

What if I’M not an athlete? Can “regular” people do this too?

ABSOLUTELY! We provide fitness for EVERYONE - all of our health and well-being depend on it! Although you may not consider yourself an athlete, everyone can attain improved spatial awareness- balance, postural control, flexibility, range of motion, all geared to preventing injury. We cover all of these components and more in our group training programs. Ask about our Family Packages - we offer our best rates this way because we believe the whole family should stay fit together!

Do you cover nutrition?

Yes! Studies show that diet accounts for up to 90% of positive changes people experience in their health, well-being, and athletic performance. We will help you understand what foods work well with your body and which foods don’t. And, we’ll teach you that eating healthy not only tastes good, but it can be quick, easy, and cheaper than you expected.

what is the Group Training Schedule?