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Personal training in one-on-one coaching with a personal trainer. Personal training is a great way to reach your specific health, fitness, or performance goals quickly. Not to discredit the many benefits you will receive in other programs we offer, personal training has its advantages.

What makes personal training at A3 different?

Compared to most personal training programs, we truly take an individualized approach towards reaching your goals. Who else can say that they use regular biomechanical screenings, dietary analysis, and spatial integration programs (for better balance and control), exercise therapy, and fine and gross motor learning?

Your goals can’t afford setbacks- let us create a program for you specific to your health, fitness, performance, and dietary needs!


How do I schedule a personal training session?

Personal training is by appointment only. We offer various types of screenings to determine the best course of action for each person interested in personal training. Sessions may last anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on the person’s needs.

What goes on during a personal training session?

While there are basic health concepts used during personal training. Our personal training programs take a “whole person” approach. Subsequently, what goes on during any given session will be different from person to person. Moreover, you may experience frequent changes in your personal training session based on results. Lastly, you can expect to learn the ropes when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle- diet, proper sleep habits, injury prevention, and personal accountability to name a few.

How will I know if I’m improving?

Personal training is all about you! Unlike most personal training programs, you can expect to experience changes in your training program. These positive changes are a direct result of your progress. Our programs use cutting edge assessment and reassessment tools that are the catalyst for change to optimize your personal health and performance. This imposes a constant mental and physical challenge for you.

Do you guys cover diet as well?

Yes! Studies show that diet accounts for up to 90% of positive changes people experience in their health, well-being, and athletic performance. We will help you understand what foods work well with your body and which foods don’t. And, we’ll teach you that eating healthy not only tastes good, but it’s quick, easy, and cheaper than you expected.

Personal training sounds too expensive. What’s the cost?

A3’s personal training programs are competitively priced. With prices starting as low as $22.50 per session, we guarantee that you will not find a more qualified trainer to fit your needs and budget in town. If you do, we are more than happy to beat their prices. Our goal is to positively impact as many people in our community with our programs, expert staff, and state of the art facility and equipment.