RECOVER like a pro


At A3 we believe in the power of recovery. Recovery is important for helping the body repair and strengthen itself between workouts. We offer a variety of ways to help you recover!


massage therapy

Coach & Certified Personal Trainer Matt Reid’s Massage Therapy is a full service fitness enterprise, combining massage therapy, corrective exercise and strength training to assist in healing and strength of the body to the fullest potential possible. In partnership with A3, all A3 members will now be able to take advantage of this wonderful service, as well as anyone looking for a knowledgable and extremely effective professional!


The Rapid Reboot compression technology speeds up the natural healing processes of your body by enhancing blood flow to your muscles, which facilitates cellular repair to reduce inflammation and swelling. You will notice less stiffness and soreness, and more mobility and flexibility.

Rapid Reboot sessions are free for our members!

Check out how the Rapid Reboot system can benefit your recovery the next time you are at A3!

reflexive performance reset (RPR)

Reflexive Performance Reset is designed for all of us living in a constant state of stress. RPR resets the body out of survival mode and into performance mode. RPR delivers techniques to help reset the harmful compensation patterns we use that result in injury, pain, and reduced performance. Using the RPR wake-up drills, you can shift your own body out of these patterns and reduce pain, increase flexibility, and help your body become more resilient to injury.

We have seen phenomenal results and we routinely use RPR on our athletes.

Come find out how RPR can help you!