A3 has made me more athletic in every way possible. Starting with the basics of my form and foot contact with the ground, A3 has redesigned my power output and efficiency, as well as providing a solution to injuries and pain. With encouragement from A3, my eating habits and general knowledge about what is I put in my body and how my body is designed to perform has positively affected my wellbeing and athletic performance. Furthermore, injury prevention is a big one for me, as well as the fun, inviting, and challenging environment that pushes me to get better. Training at A3 has made me a more confident athlete because the coaches believe in me and truly care about me as a person.
— Kassidy, Age 20, Collegiate, Track and Field, Heptathlete
A3 has made me stronger, faster, given me the knowledge to rehabilitate injuries, and improved my balance and vision. Ever since starting with A3, and watching health documentaries and listening to what A3 coaches tell me, I have changed my diet entirely. I eat whole foods and a more plant-based diet. I feel good all the time. My body feels healthy and strong due to my dietary changes and training. I have become a better leader and my teammates look up to me because of the extra effort I give outside of soccer. I like learning about injury prevention, how to make healthier lifestyle choices, becoming more mentally tough, and personally accountable at A3. I feel more confident in my physical abilities, appearance, and more confident in how I can help others like A3 has helped me.
— Erika, Age 17, High School Senior, Soccer, Defense
Training at A3 has made me so much faster and stronger than ever before. For example, my mile time went from 9:45 to 8:20! A3 has made me think about eating more healthy, taking care of my body, and getting to work with other athletes has helped me to become more friendly and kind with my teammates, coach, and peers at school. A3 has awesome training programs and coaches that have built up my stamina so that I can run faster and lift heaver. I do feel that A3 has made me a more confident athlete and person because it has made me feel that I can compete with faster and stronger people.
— Jacob, Age 14, High School Freshman, Football, Lineman
The coaches at A3 have increased my athleticism physically and mentally through training. My mental focus has increased, my health habits are more effective, and my character has changed in a positive way. I am more responsible when it comes to my personal health, I’m more mentally tough, and I’m continuing to learn about injury prevention. Lastly, I feel more confident and my teammates notice the difference in practice and in games.
— Julie, Age 17, Collegiate Student-Athlete, Women’s Basketball, Shooting Guard
“A3 is much more than a gym, It’s a family. A3 has changed my life helping me mentally and physically be ready for whats to come to life as well as athletics. I have achieved so much more than I have expected from high school to college athletics. This gym has helped me build a bond with people in my community that will always be there to help pick me up when I’m down. I thank A3 for everything they have done for me as an athlete.
While training with A3, I lost unnecessary weight, gained speed, agility, and quickness. Overall, A3 helped me enhance my overall athleticism. In addition, I am healthier. I’m eating better and feeling better. I can feel the results after each training session. Lastly, I am more accountable to myself and others around me. I’m mentally tougher and confident in my ability to perform on and off the field. I highly recommend A3 to my teammates because it’s a great place to train and ecome a better person.
— Zach, Age 20, Collegiate Student-Athlete, Baseball, First Baseman and Outfielder
A3 has made me more athletic. My muscles don’t get tight, stiff, and sore like they usually do from conventional training. My stamina and fitness have noticeably increased, too. Simply being at A3 makes you want to be better. The environment supports healthy lifestyles while pushing you to be great. Other than enjoying the physical training at A3, I learned how to live a healthy lifestyle through education and personal accountability. I am confident in my ability to make good health decisions. Training at A3 is a great start to my day. It mentally prepares me for what is to come. I know that I will beat my opponents because I am mentally and physically prepared.
— Kody, Age 19, Collegiate Student-Athlete, Baseball, Cather
Since training at A3, I am more motivated and confident on the field. My strength has increased immensely and my body has a more fit appearance. A3 has made me healthier in all aspects of my life. My character has become more consistent with that of a leader and I have built great relationships with people here. I have become more aware of how to take care of my body and how to better it naturally. I love the health education, mental toughness, and personal accountability components in addition to training. My favorite thing about A3 is the atmosphere. I hate days when I’m not there and genuinely happy when I am. I have made strong friendships with other athletes at A3. Lastly, I am more confident in my abilities because my coaches are confident in me. I know that I can do much more than I think my body can do, and I see that every time I’m there. I highly recommend A3 to others in my life.
— Lexi, Age 16, High School Junior, Girls Soccer, Left Defender
A3 has made me more athletic than I’ve ever been before. I’ve changed a lot. I’m eating heathier, and I am a much more positive teammate. I have nothing but positive things to say out on the field. If I ever get injured at practice, the coaches at A3 fix me instantly. This really comes in handy since I’m training for a tryout with the U18 Fast Pitch USA Team. I cannot afford to be injured, and the coaches at A3 know their stuff! This makes me confident as an athlete because I know that A3 will support me no matter what. I recommend A3 to everyone I know. I believe that all of those I compete with and against will have a positive experience, like me, training at A3.
— Taylor, Age 18, High School Senior, Men’s Fast Pitch Softball, Pitcher
To become a collegiate athlete I knew that I needed to be more fit, in better shape, and prepared for what the next level has to offer. A3 has done that for me. A3 has shown me how to eat properly not only to be healthier but what I need to be putting in my body before and after training sessions. The coaches at A3 have demonstrated what it takes to be a leader on and off the field. Also, I’m sure most athletes taking advantage of the quality services at A3 will agree with me when I say that the injury prevention programs and health education programs are a great addition to mental toughness and personal accountability that training at such a high level requires. Lastly, I feel more confident on the field, being able to win the header, or taking on another player, I know that I will win the ball every time.
— Raegan, Age 17, Collegiate Student-Athlete, Women’s Soccer, Defense
A3 has made me strong, flexible, and in shape for sports. I am encouraged to work hard in anything I compete in and to encourage others to work hard as well. I am mentally tougher and I like the injury prevention programs. A3 has made me more confident as an athlete because the coaches helped me build my core-strength so I can become even better in the future.
— Quintin, Age 14, High School Freshman, Boys Soccer (Defender), Boys Tennis
I have been attending A3 for about 4 years and I have learned so much and grown tremendously as an athlete. They have taught me the different types of body movement and the proper way to work out that can prevent future injuries. A3 has provided me a home and without them I would not be the athlete that I am today.
these past 5 years I have went to A3, I’ve developed as an athlete, a competitor, and most importantly a person. As a young athlete, A3 has really helped me develop strength and skills that have helped me on the field and the court. The type of training A3 provides for young athletes like myself is very crucial in rising above your competition, and I am very thankful that I was able to receive this great training from such a young age.
A3 has taught me to not only be a successful athlete, but a successful person outside of sports. They have taught me a lot about the importance of staying healthy, determination, and humility. I would not be the person I am today if it wasn’t for A3.
— Bryson Hankins ,(Age 16). Seattle Sounders Academy, Defender (Right back)